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  • Jody Cortes

We lost the Hero that created Heroes

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Well as most of you know on Nov 12th we lost Stan Lee. He was 95 years old and the world is just a litter dimmer now. I have been photographing Stan for over 18 years and events, fundraisers and conventions. Always had a smile on his face and always would pose for a photo. Everyone I know that has met him says the same thing , Stan is a nice guy. In a way it feels like we lost a grandfather who would tell us the best stories and with characters we the masses can relate too. For myself who died in 2012 and was brought be via a pacemaker replay to the story of Iron Man. I was given a chance to right some wrongs in my life. And I had a reminder with my chest piece that I can make a difference in other people lives.

In conclusion it would be the same but he lives on in spirit for those he has touched .

EXCELSIOR ! and Thank you Sir



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