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  • Jody Cortes

2020 around the corner

I will make this short. Here we be at the end of 2019 already and with 2020 only a week away I am planning ahead for 2020 and photo shoots to come.

2019 has a few surprises for me like having an article printed on the Tamron website about using one of their lenses and shooting cosplayers with it. (You can go to the last blog and click on the link) And having Director and actor Kevin Smith signing one of my camera lenses.

2020 I will be found at the Grand National Roadster show in January. Also as for the past four years I will be at WPPI in Las Vegas in February, so I hope to meet some of you down at the Expo floor. Planning on SXSW next year but will keep you updated

Kevin Smith at Los Angeles Comic Con this year. A friend asked Kevin to sign my lens .. HE DID but before signing it he asked me “dude this lens looks F***ing expensive are you sure”? I told him it was okay



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