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How not to give up on Photography or your dreams

How not to give up on Photography or your dreams

I just wanted to post how to keep your sanity in this crazy year , hopefully it is coming to an end soon. Things that helped my and kind your photography part of your brain active and at least learning.

I am guilty of not posting and upkeep of my website due to the lockdown we are in right now. I have been lucky working my photo editing job for an online newspaper but I am not out creating photographic images or working at events due to being canceled due to Covid. Thus the reason you have not seen updates or posting of San Diego Comic Con or other conventions. Heck I lost going to spend a month in New York for Fashion week shooting for clients. Was I upset? Yes I got misty for a day or so but I know it was due to anything I did and hopefully next year it will be busier for all of us . So instead of burying my head just in work and staying home I need to keep busy . One thing I have done or discovered is the giant world of Youtube.

I have gone to photographers channels and will share a few that are not trying to Sell you something but help you be better at photography or give you inspiration to try some projects you never thought of

first check out photographer Peter McKinnon channel

this guy has helpful tips and tricks and things that make photography FUN AGAIN , You will find it entertaining and heck you might learn something

the second person works more in video and does non sponsored comparisons of cameras and videos. With an odd sense of humor and its decribes itself as a Comedy Channel or than a photography channel ..

Camera Conspiracies

I have list of many more but for now I will leave you with these and if you are going stir crazy I will add this last one that has personally help me since being at home alone

A cooking channel where you can make t asian type food at home , easy , quick and good

Cooking with Aaron and Claire ... where Aaron does most of the cooking and tests it out on his wife .... don't be surprised if you try one of these dishes

Aaron and Claire

In conclusion

I hope you all are safe and these links will help out in re discovering the love we had getting into photography and some cooking tips to help .. We are always learning so when it is all said and done we come out with one or two skills we did not have .. I plan and give myself self projects with shooting ... and mastering my stir fry ...

Let me know in the emails ... WHAT are you doing to keep your photography going ? How do you stay inspired ?

stay safe ..keep in touch with loved ones and in parting ... Wakanda Forever


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