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Back and Shooting on FILM too

Hello I know its been awhile with the pandemic and the world just stopping. I truly hope whoever reads this be Okay and trekking on.

While in lockdown and working from home I start Two Projects.

The First : making and creating my own version of The Mandalorian armor.

The Second : Going "Old School" and getting a manual Film Camera

The first took about a year to get the helmet having customize and getting all the bits and pieces that go with it. My goal was not to join the Star Wars 501st Cosplay group since my outfit would not be movie accurate. I wanted something to show my own personality. And so with that said I created The Photolorian. A Mando that records the history of all Clans and activities.

If you wish to see I created a Instagram account just for the outfit and share photos that people share with me. Link below

The second of my projects has to deal with film. I got myself a film camera. A Pentax MX manual focus camera. This camera is a mini Tank and can take a beating. Plus extra bounce, it can be used if the batteries dead on you. I had it checked out and while the meter is over exposing about one stop the camera is in good condition.

I did NOT know that the price of Black and White Film has Tripled since the last time I had used it. Not only that but processing had gone up that much also. So before I would have just got rid of the camera or resold it I did some research and found it was cheaper and a lot easier to process my own black and white film and scan it. So got a small scanner for negatives and slides and a processing take and went at it on my own. Of course it was a bit of trails and error but I got my developing times down again and now I take the film camera with me if there is an opportunity to use it. So was the case of this year's Wonder Con.

Developing at my mini lab at home

I have added a small gallery of samples of my film shots to enjoy and soon I will be helping other process their films. Jody Lab Open .. Money and Donuts are accepted payments .. lol

I hope everyone's 2023 is going well and keep taking them photos .. Later


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