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  • Jody Cortes

2021 still Going strong

Well coming up on 405th day of Lock down and hoping everyone be well and safe when you got to read this.

Not much going on for this year other than working from home. But on the photo front I have entered the world of Mirrorless. Got me a starter one because I did not want to rush in and drop 1.5 -2.5K on a system I do not know much about. It has been interesting. My Photo droids have been hard at work cleaning and updating firmware to the new camera. They be happy it gives them something to do other than hide my car keys from me which I know it be them

R5-M2 (R) (aka Red) and (L) R6-Z1 (aka Zed)

Keeping in contact with friends and family all over the planet keeps me sane like some of you out there. All my major plans have been pushed back to 2022 when some of the world reopens but keep an eye on my Instagram (link below) I will be testing my Mirrorless for the next few weeks and trying out new features that it is capable of, can't wait.

Working on a few photo projects also and that will happen before the summer hits I hope

Take care all and KEEP SHOOTING

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