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  • Jody Cortes

Light that Kills

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Hey Everyone I hope when this is read you all be doing well. After coming back for this year's WPPI in Las Vegas I picked up a few new toys to try out and play with.

One was the versatile V-Flat a method is a way to bounce back light onto your subject whether it be from a strobe or window. Totally fold-able and easy to transport. I tested it on my friend how is a haunting replica of Heath Ledger’s Dark Knight Joker. I combined it with Fotodiox Pro Selfie LED Ring light. I LOVE the results and am going to do more shoots in the future with these combos.

I am prepping to 2019 WonderCon held in Anaheim CA. Please contact if you will be attending so I can get some photos of you.

Lots to do since I am with all of this moving at the same time … tired. So tired... Later



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