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Summer gone but NOT Forgotten

I write this post on the first day of FALL. Love Fall and Winter .. its just me. But first let's do a wrap of the last few months. After doing SDCC things be a bit hectic for me . I had submitted a photo shoot and review of a lens and new lighting. This week I got the word that before September be out you can see and read my post on Tamron Lenses Newsletter. It was the very last photoshoot I did at my old place using the Tamron 70-300mm lens with a V-flat and the Fotodiox LED Ring light. Was very happy with the results and you can read the article on Tamron's website. I have include a screen grab and a link to the story (click photo below for link)

Then I got to shoot the Saturn Awards in their new venue of The Avalon theater in Hollywood. Click the link to my Hollywood Gallery to see photos of Scream Queen Jammie Lee Curtis and Star Trek legend George Takei. Also shot with the Tamron 70-300mm lens.

Thanks and shout outs to my friend Jesse for helping on that day of shooting. You can see his Joker photos on his Instagram link below. Well next target for me is the up and coming Los Angeles Comic Con (formally Stan Lee's Comikaze)

If you be an actor or cosplayer attending LACC please contact me so we can meet up and take photos.. and someone can buy me beer or at least one of those street dog, hot dogs wrapped in bacon.. just thinking about it sets my pacemaker off

Hope you all be well and see you soon I hope



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