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  • Jody Cortes

When Worlds Collide

Hello and Happy New Years to All. I hope the New Year brings promise and hope to all.

Okay Let’s get to it, 2018 be gone but had some nice things happen. I went to my home town of New York for a few days for a family event. While there I rented a studio in the city and got to shoot for the very first time my father. We have never taken a portrait together so better late than never.

Samples for the Studio shoot with my father

I got him his very first black suit which was surprised he never own one. I wanted to do a basic classy type portrait, plain and simple. I had a few to overcome before this photo shoot. One being getting a place to shoot. I found a great place in the lower west of Manhattan called space4shoots. I will leave a link below if you want to check it out. $50 an hour with natural lighting. So I got the studio but needed help and got an assistant but how luck would have it the assistant cancel the day before the shoot. Plus lucking me it was cloudy weather due to rain coming. Since I could not have someone help me I decided to go with my own strobes and put on the Gary Fong Dome I have. And with no assistant I relied on my multiple self-timer setting to get the most shots of us together. I’m happy with the results.

Besides that getting ready for a new photo side project and WPPI is about Six weeks away so maybe I will see some of you in Vegas.

Thank be it for now.. Posting photos soon



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